There are lots of ways to use our Marinades- just use your imaginations. If you are looking for specific recipes here are some of our customers favorites dishes from Silverton Sporting Ranch.
Our customers have been the inspiration for these marinades. With the original Special Blend for Waterfowl it came about by wanting customers to want to hunt more. As a duck and goose guide it was to my advantage to have customers want to hunt more. So I needed to find a way for them to enjoy the meat so they would want to hunt more.
        After customers started using Special Blend for Waterfowl I was getting calls and comments from them saying "hey this is really good on chicken" and "this is the only way my son will eat tuna now". So Special Blend for Chicken and Fish was developed to fill that need.

         So don't be afraid to try it on anything you are cooking. With great ingredients such as fresh, garlic, parmesan cheese and premium olive oil you can't go wrong.
                           duck with apricot
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